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Do you need a host a website that requires a database, 123-registration offers database hosting with every web hosting package, Whether you are new to 123-registrations hosting packages or wether are an existing customer, all you need to do is log into you control panel and add the package to your account, alternatively, simply make a new purchase / domain transfer, select to correct web hosting package and add the Advance MYSQL database hositng package and you are done.

MSSQL Server 2005 Database Hosting

  • Linux MYSQL databases 
  • Full access from external MYSQL Admin
  • Connect with control tools
  • Web-based Control Panel from cPanel
  • PhpMyAdmin access
  • Dedicated database addess

  • Stored procedures
  • Run SQL databse packages.
  • 5 databases and root users 
  • Localhost access
  • Updates and Backup
  • 150 Mb data storage 
  • additional database data storage  

Database Hosting Adons

When you place an order to buy any hosting package with 123-registration, you will be prompted to add our advances MYSQL database to your hosting package.

  • MSQL database
  • 150 Mb database 
  • £19.95 /yr 
  • No Setup Fee 
  • Full 30-day guarantee

Database Hosting & Database Web Hosting

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