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  • Point your domain names to our nameservers for parking, website and email hosting.

  • Point your domain nameservers to your chosen hosting provider.

  • Control where email goes by changing MX records

  • Anyone entering your domain name reaches the right place by pointing the A records at any IP address

  • Change nameservers (you can have up to 5 name servers per domain)

  • Update Registrant details & WHOIS opt-out or email us

  • Split your A and MX records and host your websites and email anywhere.

  • Create nameserver host/glue records - great if you're using own nameservers

As soon as you register or transfer a domain name to 123-registration.com , Our systems will give you full control through cPanel. Domain Name Server (DNS) control, enables you to control all aspects of your domain, for new domain customers, Domain Control is only available after the third month of registration, this it a secureity measure to prevent fraud. Aadvanced DNS Domain control tools, you can host your email and website wherever you like. Features include dns, domain name server, domain control, domain management, domain name, web forwarding, email forwarding, online domain management, domain name name control.


Domain Control

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