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123-registration.com has a unique domain parking service. Every time you buy a domain name and you are not using it, you can park it and start earning money online from the parked domain with our parking service.

How Parking Works

when you register domain name parking, you'll get a parking page which will be displayed every time someone visits your domain name.

The parking page is linked to an advertising network, this network allows relevent adverts to be displayed on the parking page, every time someone clicks on those adverts, you will be paid a parking comission.

Sign on to domain parking today by visiting 123-registration.com

Our domain parking can work around anyone. You can park domains for as long as you need, so 123-Registration will give you a great side income on domains you're planning to sell or build a website for.

How much can domain parking make me ?

This depends entirely on the type of domain name you have registered and what adverts are displaying on the website, it is nearly impossible to make an estimate of how much can be made but its always be worth earning money rather than having a domain sitting there and not parked.


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