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Instant Website
123-Registration offers a unique website builder that allows business and individuals to create a website easilt by simply following the three step process you can buy a domain name, web hosting package and then Instantly add the instant website builder.
Customizable Template
If default templates don't fit what you need, you simply download the template, modify it and re-upload to the system. For example, you don't like an image banner on the top, you can just download the template, replace it with your own image and re-upload to the system as a new template. Uploaded template will be available for your own use only.
Fully integrated to your Control Panel
You can now access your instant website through your normal control panel. By simply logging into the 123-registration control panel and then clicking on the website bulder option.
Advanced Website editor
Supports all Internet Explorer versions from 6.0 up on Windows, Netscape 7.1 or upper, Mozilla 1.4 or upper, Firefox 0.7 or upper or any other browser with an equivalent gecko layout engine on any platforms where these browsers are available. This includes Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
New website templates
New website templates on monthly basis, this means that you have hundreds of predesigns to choose from.Instant website, website builder, sitebuilder, website, creator, instantsite, uk, cPanel, rvsitebuilder
Multi-lingual support
English not your first language ? You can choose between multiple languages to work with. Create your own website Instantly, Our instant Sitebuilder and website creator tool makes this possible 123-Registration

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